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Building Value for
Our Partners

Indigo’s integrated soft-FM approach combines a comprehensive  range of specialist services designed to enhance the efficiency and functionality of your workplace.

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Strategic Business Development

Indigo strategic business development service propels managed soft-FM growth in defined market sectors. Leveraging comprehensive lead generation techniques, they identify lucrative opportunities. Meticulous site surveying ensures precise bid creation and cost estimation, while compelling presentations and skilled negotiation secure profitable contracts, fostering sustainable expansion for client companies.

Integrated Solution

Indigo excels in designing innovative integrated soft-FM solutions that harmoniously bring together a diverse range of specialist partners. By orchestrating their expertise, Indigo streamlines the delivery process, eliminating the complexities of multi-service management. This unique approach ensures clients receive maximum benefits while enjoying a hassle-free experience, redefining facility management excellence.

Service Realignment

Indigo evaluates, reconfigures, and realigns cleaning-led soft-FM services by analyzing current costs, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing strategies to enhance performance and customer satisfaction. This comprehensive approach helps validate costs, optimize financial efficiencies and ensures an unparalleled high level of service quality and client satisfaction.

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Living Wage
Transition & Integration

Indigo's consultants specialize in advising organizations on restructuring their services to make implementing the 'real' Living Wage more financially feasible. Their expertise helps companies find innovative solutions that balance fair pay for their service workforce with affordability, ensuring that doing the right thing becomes a reality and bringing equitable compensation to all.

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